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Featuring lots of improvements swap, lower end devices and people on low bandwidth caps. Also slowly tracking down those annoying reappearing updates bugs.

@fdroidorg ho thanks for trying to fix this bug it's even reinstalling apps I had removed on my phone and it's driving me nuts 😅

@npze Can report back if v1.2 solves this for you or at least improves on this issue?

@fdroidorg sure, I will. Thanks for being here by the way ;)

@fdroidorg Just upgraded 2 apps after you fixed the repo. Then I disabled wifi connection and both apps were reinstalled. I use the priviledged app, f-droid 1.2 on an AICP rom (o8.1) without google apps. It seems to be triggered by network connection changes, but alas not in an easily reproducible way.

@npze This is probably this: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient

Maybe you can add your info to that issue.

@fdroidorg Je me suis toujours demandé comment mettre à jour l'application #Fdroid avec lui même.

@tofeo @fdroidorg Ben ça se fait automatiquement dans Fdroid :)