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F-Droid @fdroidorg

Leaving twitter behind as a legacy platform, being here on open platforms first and foremost: twitter.com/fdroidorg/status/9

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For those who don't want to click on a twitter link:

@fdroidorg thanks! i've blocked twitter via DNS so this is helpful

@simuuh @fdroidorg I decided that twitter was a poisonous cesspit, one that I didn't want tracking my movements around the web any more. I'm using , A++ would recommend heartily. pi-hole.net/

@equal @fdroidorg I heard about #PiHole but this is a bit too restrictive for me. But thank u for the answer

@fdroidorg Awesome! This is very welcome. Hope others will follow your lead.



Excellent ! We must live happily outside these advertising websites.

@fdroidorg FYI, screenshots of text have terrible accessibility (not readable by screen readers, ignore the user's choice of font, ...), so a copy-paste would have been much better ;)

@fdroidorg PS: If you really want a screenshot, Mastodon supports associating alternative text to uploaded images.

@kellerfuchs Understood, thanks for the hint. Also found the alt-text thing, will use next time! :)

@fdroidorg I hate to bring the bearer of bad news, but since @xj9 boosted this, in order to be truly decentralized, you need to host your accounts on multiple servers, including the ones you host.
mastodon.technology will be down, they already censor people and instance, and it's a matter of time before architectures cave on each other before all mastodon breaks

If you wanted outreach, and #notwitter gave you that, you should continue using it, as well as mastodon.technology. It's all a synchronization.

At the end of the day, what I really trust is a GPG 2+ key regardless the medium of every signed post. I mean, not everyone hosts a nntpd where you can sign your messages on the spot.

@fdroidorg thank you for that picture. we really don't like clicking on twitter links :blobthumbsup:

@fdroidorg thank you. This was the right thing to do. 👍

@fdroidorg That is GREAT, thanks for this move. Redirecting from the blue bird to the #fediverse is also great 🙏💚✨