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Following up on the @exodus discussion: The app does a lookup into an online db for installed apps. As F-Droid often has the same apps as gplay but with trackers disabled or patched out this would obviously result in false positives.

F-Droid @fdroidorg

@exodus Supporting yalp installed apps should work in the future but requires cooperation form yalp store marking the apps corretly on install, same for F-Droid installed apps.

Hope I got that right, @Schoumi

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@fdroidorg @exodus @Schoumi
I use Yalp Store, since the apps appears to update more sooner than Fdroid it's tends towards to delete the fdroid install to replace with them (user option). I don't know if I make myself clear.

@esplenio @fdroidorg @exodus Yalp store is Play Store but i can't easily detect that their installed by Yalp for now. So i prefer not to show a report than showing a wrong report.
A company who think my wrong report cost damages to them could sue me and exodus for the money lost. So we prefer act step by step on each work.