F-Droid is now on Mastodon as well!

@fdroidorg I think it's more convenient for a project like Fdroid to make their account for every one to join. Now you have to approve every follower.

@fdroidorg It starts with your first network, then you'll find out other software like friendica has more options. Then you go: Hey! What's Hubzilla? And then two years are over.

@fdroidorg there's no mention either for the Twitter accound or the Mastodon itself on Is it really legit?

@joelwallis Yes, see here: and possibly a day back.

Will post a website article as well, but that will take 1-2 days to get published 🙈

@fdroidorg got it!

I don't meant to be rude nor anything like that. But I searched for " twitter" and " @fdroidorg" on DuckDuckGo and Google and there were no mention of the Twitter account. I did it mostly because it mentioned your presence on Mastodon, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't fake or unofficial/fan based, etc.

@fdroidorg welcome to the Fediverse! Greetings from Friendica :-) Hope you have a nice stay!

@fdroidorg Genial poder encontraros y leeros en esta estupenda red social, para no perdernos ni una noticia, ni una novedad, sobre la tienda por excelencia, de aplicaciones de #softwarelibre para #Android. ☺👍

@fdroidorg Hello life saving people! You guys are why many of use are able to use our phones! Really appreciated!

@lareinedeselfes c'est ce que je dis ... Un bot t'aurais répondu, en anglais sûrement mais répondu quand même 😁 @fdroidorg

@lareinedeselfes Just barely ;-). But I'm trying to get some other people to join me on this account that can. :)

@lareinedeselfes ??? Ben pourquoi ??! Je suis très sérieux, je peux peut-être aider .... Tu viens de le faire du mal dans mon petit cœur 😪 ...

I do really want to help if i can @fdroidorg 😁

pardon @Gimlith je n'avais pas vu que @fdroidorg avait répondu !
ben oui , tu peux m'aider en traduisant 😂

Here's a new entry to the interesting accounts which we should be following.


@fdroidorg The F-Droid apps for Mastodon don’t work on my Sailfish device.

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