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F-Droid @fdroidorg

F-Droid is now on Mastodon as well!

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"Could Mastodon be more popular than Twitter? Experts don't know, but they want to find out!"

@davidpgil There will be release announcements, etc. here.

@fdroidorg haha somehow that read to me as mastodon now has the froid repository. LOL! 😂

@miwilc @fdroidorg
I say in my instance's faq that we block smug loli but we don't ;)
@alfred @roka @miwilc @fdroidorg oppressive bread posting, also they are being blocked somewhere, but I don't remember where
@miwilc @fdroidorg or rather - the blocklist they use uses dzuk's shitlist
@roka @miwilc @fdroidorg A shame. I guess some open source projects just don't care about being for everyone.

@guizzy @roka I doubt the people running fdroid are well-versed in the instances that are blocked and/or trust the admins to do what's best.

@miwilc @roka I would have expected them of all people to care about where their stuff is being hosted and served...
@guizzy @miwilc @fdroidorg to give credit due, it doesn't seem like they just imported dzuk's personal shitlist in its entirety. Still, toot.cafe was one of the first censors and it is manned by M$ Shill Man *shrugs*

@grmpyoldman Thanks! Still finding my way around here...

@fdroidorg I think it's more convenient for a project like Fdroid to make their account for every one to join. Now you have to approve every follower.

@fdroidorg It starts with your first network, then you'll find out other software like friendica has more options. Then you go: Hey! What's Hubzilla? And then two years are over.

@fdroidorg hi, very good of you to come to mstdn I think. Could you please add some more games and maybe this osmand.net/ in your repos?

@d9867eb Osmand is here: f-droid.org/en/packages/net.os

Games always welcome, best as a finished build recipe as a MR here: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata ;-)

@fdroidorg oh thanks, didn't knew about that package. Must have missed it. Thanks.

@fdroidorg there's no mention either for the Twitter accound or the Mastodon itself on f-droid.org. Is it really legit?

@joelwallis Yes, see here: botbot.me/freenode/fdroid/2018 and possibly a day back.

Will post a website article as well, but that will take 1-2 days to get published 🙈

@fdroidorg got it!

I don't meant to be rude nor anything like that. But I searched for "site:f-droid.org twitter" and "site:f-droid.org @fdroidorg" on DuckDuckGo and Google and there were no mention of the Twitter account. I did it mostly because it mentioned your presence on Mastodon, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't fake or unofficial/fan based, etc.


Welcome, F-Droid, my favourite app store!! 😍

@fdroidorg The best application repository


Welcome, best repository for Android, period.

@fdroidorg welcome to the Fediverse! Greetings from Friendica :-) Hope you have a nice stay!

@fdroidorg Genial poder encontraros y leeros en esta estupenda red social, para no perdernos ni una noticia, ni una novedad, sobre la tienda por excelencia, de aplicaciones de #softwarelibre para #Android. ☺👍

@fdroidorg Hello life saving people! You guys are why many of use are able to use our phones! Really appreciated!

Bonjour et bienvenue ici @fdroidorg tu causes français aussi ? 🤔

@lareinedeselfes c'est ce que je dis ... Un bot t'aurais répondu, en anglais sûrement mais répondu quand même 😁 @fdroidorg

@lareinedeselfes Just barely ;-). But I'm trying to get some other people to join me on this account that can. :)

@lareinedeselfes ??? Ben pourquoi ??! Je suis très sérieux, je peux peut-être aider .... Tu viens de le faire du mal dans mon petit cœur 😪 ...

I do really want to help if i can @fdroidorg 😁

pardon @Gimlith je n'avais pas vu que @fdroidorg avait répondu !
ben oui , tu peux m'aider en traduisant 😂

@Gimlith Please come over here: forum.f-droid.org/t/f-droid-tw

Discussion with all contributors will take place there.

@fdroidorg What a coincidence, around this time is when I learned about fdroid and installed it on my devices!

Welcome to mastodon. While you at it, get an account on diaspora too so you cover all the fediverse 😍

Here's a new entry to the interesting accounts which we should be following.


@fdroidorg The F-Droid apps for Mastodon don’t work on my Sailfish device.