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@fdroidorg F-droid using a lot of anarchist language for a store that hosts software for fascists.

They host Husky, which is a fork of Tusky that explicitly unblocks a group of far rightwing instances. They also host multiple crypto apps, outside of buying drugs (which is fine) crypto only gets used to launder money to far rightwing groups.


@squeakypancakes @just_a_frog @uniq @haverholm @fantazo @fdroidorg Husky doesn't look like a bad-faith fork; afaict, it's diverged quite a bit. Banning Husky because it doesn't block those instances kinda suggests you should ban other clients because they don't block the instances; how do you think policy on that should work?

I don't see the issue with cryptocurrency apps, though. (Current) cryptocurrency is really problematic, but "it's only used to buy drugs and launder money" is not true.

This issue isn't that other clients don't block them, its that tusky does and they specially removed that as the purpose of their fork. The only other change I could find about it the theming to have anime girls on it instead of elephants.

You're right cyrpto is also good for destroying the environment.

@just_a_frog @uniq @haverholm @fantazo @fdroidorg

@squeakypancakes @just_a_frog @uniq @haverholm @fantazo You forgot ransomware, scams, and confusing people about the law (copyright, moral rights and contract).

If the only changes are removing the blocklist, cosmetic changes (with no accessibility improvements) and porting Tusky features, then yeah, it shouldn't be on @fdroidorg. They brand themselves as supporting Pleroma rather than Mastodon, though; if that's an actual functional difference… "It was made by fascists" isn't enough to remove.

@wizzwizz4 @squeakypancakes

It is an actual functional difference. Pleroma allows for emote reactions and stickers for example, which the Husky app supports according to its description.

@squeakypancakes @wizzwizz4 @uniq @haverholm @fantazo @fdroidorg

Umm, let me get this straight here. The issue was that the fork removed some client side blocking, thus making it functionally equivalent (in terms of what is pre blocked) with just about every other fediverse client app. Should these not be hosted on f-droid, too? This sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

@just_a_frog @squeakypancakes @uniq @haverholm @fantazo @fdroidorg It makes a lot of sense to me – and it makes some sense to F-Droid, too, judging by their inclusion policy:

> Forks which only re-brand an app but do not add value for users might not get accepted.

Suppose my friends and I work on an app called FriendScan, which identifies your friends in social media photos and tags them for your screen reader. We've made sure it only works with people who've consented for you to use it.

@just_a_frog @squeakypancakes @uniq @haverholm @fantazo Now, there's nothing about the technology that means it can only be used for this. Some people have taken FriendScan, deleted the consent limitation code, removed the "only posts sent to you" limitation, and have branded it DoxxScan.

I convinced my friends to release FriendScan under the AGPL, so technically, DoxxScan is legal. However, none of the FriendScan devs wanted this.

I would expect @fdroidorg not to include DoxxScan.

@fdroidorg @squeakypancakes @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @haverholm @just_a_frog that's a lie by the right-wing (read liberal) media to get people to avoid challenging state backed currency. When humankind where free of State control who know how many solutions we can be found, but whilst they have us entangled in multigenerational debt, it won't be possibe.

econ pol, cryptocurrency 

@fu Name a single anarchist cryptocurrency, and I'll show you an unjust hierarchy that controls and reaps benefits from it.

Say what you want about state fiat, but at least we *elect* our governments. Mostly. Definitely more so than with "crypto".

Current cryptocurrency is not anarchic or decentralised; it's explicitly and deliberately based on burning ASIC cycles (PoW) or sitting on accrued wealth (PoS). It spits in the face of everything you claim to stand for.

@wizzwizz4 If voting actually made a difference, it would be illegal. But it doesn't really matter, how many left-anarchists articles I find documententing the advantages open source crypto currencies have over government backed money, it sounds like you've already believed the liberal (right-wing) media that has told you its bad for people, in order to keep themselves in power


@fu You aren't arguing against what I've said. You're arguing against what you've read. I apologise for my part in this miscommunication, but I condemn myself unable to bridge the gap in understanding.

@fu @fdroidorg @squeakypancakes @uniq @wizzwizz4 @haverholm @just_a_frog All cryptobros are bastards. You helper of capitalism, which disguises itself as damn anarchism. You know absolutely nothing about economy. Nothing about the isms you are peddling. Fuck off.

@squeakypancakes @just_a_frog @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg I'm sick and tired of the cryptocapitalist bullshit clogging up f-droids repo too, but you're going to throw the only Google App store alternative under the bus because somewhere a fascist is using it?

Sorry, but maybe you're better off quitting Android, or smart phones altogether?

@squeakypancakes @just_a_frog @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg

Allow me to correct myself: I don't suggest that you should "quit" using any means of communication, only that there might be larger issues at play than F-droid.

That was literally my first toot after waking up, and it came out wrong. I didn't mean to imply any sort of silencing or the like.

This is the same energy as "if you don't like American you can leave" which doesn't improve anything for anyone else, it just dismisses other people's concerns.

@just_a_frog @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg

@squeakypancakes @just_a_frog @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg ahem. Focus that "energy" on reading my follow up post before @ing me. And FYI I'm not American.

I consider this fruitless conversation ended.

My bad I was going thru them in order, I don't think one has to be USian to know that mentality just being an english speaker on the internet is enough.

@just_a_frog @uniq @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg


By this line of argumentation would you also suggest banning web-browsers? You know, because they don't block bad websites? (eg like: firefox could access a right wing youtube channel or something lets block firefox?! oO)

@just_a_frog @haverholm @wizzwizz4 @fantazo @fdroidorg

@squeakypancakes @fdroidorg Do you have more details about this? I can only find people on Reddit complaining about F-Droid's decision not to host a particular fascist app (which says something about FOSS culture – or, at least, Reddit culture).

I haven't found any problematic apps while using F-Droid (unlike some other "stores" I could name), but I haven't really looked for them.

@squeakypancakes @fdroidorg What the fudge are you smoking,? Must be some bad shit to call F-Droid a fascist software-hoster.

@squeakypancakes So should we not use #FireFox because they don't ban access to right-wing content?

@fdroidorg I have a feeling the F-droid social media team is on the fence about whether to do hard Stallman things...

@fu @fdroidorg more "not very well-received" (which is my memory of the Defective By Design campaign specifically, although I might be wrong)

@fu @fdroidorg And it turns out that I *am* wrong about this! Sorry about that.

@fdroidorg Here's what I'm enjoying:

I'm loving The Red Panda Adventures, The Magnus Archives, Wolf359, & Magus Elgar! Not to mention the Blender Open Movies or Pepper & Carrot...

@alcinnz @fdroidorg What exactly does DRM-free means? Is it allowed to share those movies?

@utopify_org @fdroidorg You can download these as digital files playable in any media app, & sharable and editable via a veriety of technologies. Its not *always* clear what legal rights are being reserved, beyond that they're not fighting small-scale sharing.

P.S. I'm finding very few movies (beyond very ancient public domain stuff, & I've got higher tolerances than most) officially DRM-free, so these are mostly audioshows. But to my mind better stories!

@alcinnz @fdroidorg Many of them aren't free at all. You have to pay for them. Maybe I just don't understand it.

@utopify_org @fdroidorg I don't believe I'm linking anything you *have* to pay for, but I consider that besides the point. If I'm free to share the media itself with friends & family (though unfortunately they don't want anything esoteric...) rather than an account-walled link which'll eventually fail then I'm satisfied!

I do encourage paying if you can!

@alcinnz @fdroidorg I tried to download stuff on the page, which sounds interesting, but I only found stuff, which must be payed, like Doctor Who and Man from Earth. And then I just gave up, because I thought I have to pay for everything.

@utopify_org @fdroidorg Oh right, those 2 exceptions...

I forgot whether Man From Earth linked to their torrent directly or only through their soft paywall...

@fdroidorg Thumbs up! That also means you don't get to hear about garbage practices like 'rent this ebook'!

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