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@fdroidorg We are very proud having published the Tutanota app on F-Droid years ago so that you can now use it without any connection to Google! (Read more about this here: )

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"The Tutanota apps are Libre software, and we wanted to publish our Android app on F-Droid. We wanted our users to be able to use Tutanota on every ROM and every device, without the control of a third-party like Google. We decided to take on the challenge and to build our own push notification service."


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"Wouldn’t it be great if the user could just pick a “push notifications provider” in the phone settings and OS managed all these hard details by itself? So every app, which doesn’t want to be policed by the platform owner, didn’t have to invent the system anew? It could be end-to-end encrypted between the app and the app server. There’s no real technical difficulty ... but as long as our systems are controlled by big players who do not allow this, we have to solve it by ourselves."


Reading the blog post you linked above, I am curious if there is a reason you didn't use Unified Push? It allows users to pick their push provider, saves battery life because less apps need to have persistent connections to servers, and keeps each app developer from needing to custom implment push notifactons. Not that there is a problem with what you did.


@minecraftchest1 @fdroidorg Main reason is that we did this before Unified Push became popular. But we might switch in the future!

@fdroidorg On vs. with. Proper semantic make sometimes a very big difference. 😉

@fdroidorg No, and as often we underestimate our addiction to the phone, personally I even go so far as proving it.

@fdroidorg No way. I only touch my phone to answers calls or send texts when at home. Most of my use is when I'm away from home, because I have nothing else available.

I spend too much time on my phone when it isn't just the way my OCD likes it.
Then after about a week I get it configured perfectly, and I get bored and start messing with old ipods and stuff.

Then I discover something else I can news with on my phone and the cycle repeats

@fdroidorg I mean, I was spending too much time at my phone. I switched to feature phone for a while and it really improved my life. I think I'm ready to go back to an Android-like or a mobile GNU-like OS phone.

In general, free/libre apps cause much less adiction, and I usually use it even less then some friends & collegues who can't keep their head up as they scroll mindlessly TikTok or Instagram.

Still, the amount of information the connectivity brings, the current expectation of society you should be always avaiable (or reachable) and the fact we mimic behaviour of those around us all contribute to using it too much with time.

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