How much money do you spend on apps?

@fdroidorg @guilg damn. I chose A assuming it meant "on purchases". should've chosen B IIRC


I am totally for buying apps.
But I don't have a google account.
Other than #FairEmail, I haven't seen a way to pay.

@AntoineD @fdroidorg this. I bought Fairemail and Cryptomator recently, but just because you could buy them without a Google account. More developers should offer an alternative.

@catfluoride @AntoineD a lot of apps in accept donations. We display links to their donation sites/accounts in our app and on our website.

@fdroidorg @AntoineD of course, but I'm talking in general. There are trustworthy apps from trustworthy developers that are not on Fdroid that one may want to buy, even if they aren't FOSS.


I spend $0 on paid apps but donate close to $1000 a year to FOSS apps.


Thank you for having an Open Collective and giving people a viable alternative to the Play Store.

@fdroidorg I would definitely donate more, if there was a way around paypal or other such "services”.

@davidak looks good 😎. I had flattr before they went dollarwise, that was a nice idea too.

So many sites are unethical. We always check sites for cloudflare, amazon and other dotCons before accessing their content (for news, if we *must* see their content we use prepend "")

Simply press Ctrl+Shift+E to check for the #technoFeudalism, there are good banks and service that exist, they are in the vast minority regrettably.

Satire at hashtag (#)corporateDictatorshipNetwork.


@mondstern das ist scheinbar für nightly builds, also pakete, die jede nacht mit dem aktuellen entwicklungsstand gebaut werden. für tester

das projekt ist noch nicht nutzbar. sie sind aktuell in kontakt mit der EZB und weiteren banken bezüglich regulierung. auch die technologie ist noch nicht fertig

@davidak ist doch schön wenn es so etwas gibt.

Und ja ich weiss was nightly builds sind. Bin nicht auf den Kopf gefallen.

@fdroidorg I really try hard to find Free Software alternatives for everything which most of the time are free of charge too.

Is it so hard? I was able to replace everything with FOSS. And it feels pretty good. I have built my setup over several years. But always with apos from Fdroid and some trusted 3rd party repos. Always replacing good solutions with better ones. But I won't have done different with Playstore apps.

@mase yes it is fairly hard, a lot of hardware I use only works with proprietary software like all the Ubiquity stuff, Synology, Chromecast, Vacuum cleaner robot, etc. If possible I interact with it with free software but very often it's not possible.

@fdroidorg Not much. Mobile apps, that is. Games is another thing entirely.

@fdroidorg What counts an "app" for you? Everything for Android (your target platform)? Everything for Android or Apple? Or for all mobile phones? For all truly free&open platforms I know, apps aren't even strictly mobile specific. So it can even include desktop software? :) Does it count when I donate for an app that I could use on my mobile phone, although I actually use it solely on my desktop?

Good point. I have spent a few units of local currency on desktop games.

99% of what I spend is a couple of recurring donations to a couple of FOSS apps, namely Tasks and Simple Apps. There's #Yunohost, too, but I don't know you'd classify that as an "app".

@fdroidorg I spend nothing on apps. But I buy external services (email, calendar, cloud storage) on a provider who use open sources servers and local infrastructures. It costs me 120$ /year

yeah, screw the developers. they should eat dirt off the ground if they're hungry. now get back to work and make us some more free apps!
@fdroidorg I think you mean only programs for mobile devices like the Android is. For that I never payed anything, not even in-app purchases. If I would have the money for it, I would donate to some FLOSS programs, like #StreetComplete or #VLC is as I would use them regularily on my device (if my #Librem5 is finally arriving here). But I bought a few FLOSS games like #Shapezio on for my PC and also some closed-sourced games on Steam and GOG like #Factorio is.
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