How many apps are installed on your phone? (not counting pre-installed ones)

@fdroidorg I admit it... I'm an apps hoarder... but hey, when they come from #FDroid it should be fairly safe...

I counted 88. Including 14 for astronomy, 12 for geolocation without using included or google apps, 9 for synchronization (6 for NextCloud services) using private services.

@fdroidorg 42, apparently only 11 come from Google Play (which are nostly games).

@fdroidorg :troll: You don't know already, F-Droid? You really need to up your spyware game...

@fdroidorg I have many replacements of system apps, though (different browser, mail client etc.).

111, with many from FDroid. And that is after a recent cull. I think I need another go at reducing the attack surface. ;)

@fdroidorg Apps? I really don't know. 64 from F-Droid. Android settings says I have 287, but it isn't clear what they're counting. I have 234 app icons -- and no intention of figuring out which ones came with the phone.

Long ago, I was always having to uninstall apps to stop from running out of memory. Since then, all my phones have the max memory available for the phone. I travel to places with no coverage and don't want to say "Darn, I wish I had a VSWR calculator".

@fdroidorg I have in my own 21 applications that are not pre-installed

@fdroidorg 75ish, mostly from F-Droid. I have 4 from Aurora Store/APKMirror in my normal profile and 4 in my Shelter profile. Some of the F-Droid apps are actually from Guardian Project/Bromite/FluffyChat repos though.

@fdroidorg Android/LineageOS reports 147, though that includes preinstalled ones...


I stopped counting at 61 I'd guess it's about 100, maybe less.

That got me to actually count - didn't think it to be THAT many.

But result is more than 100.

About 180 apps installed mainly from the official f-droid repo and from the izzyondroid repo, of these only 6 are installed from aurora store

@fdroidorg I got to 60+ and I'm only at C in the alphabet 😂

This makes me realize how many apps I have installed but rarely use. My excuse is always "but I might".

@fdroidorg I thought I was an outlier, with > 60. And immediately went on a cleaning spree. Turns out it's not that exceptional😅

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