Have you ever helped someone install or a custom ROM on their device?

@fdroidorg I installed F-Droid on my parents phones to get DNS66.

@fdroidorg Does it count if you just install f-droid on your kids amazon tablet?

@alienghic @fdroidorg sure why not, a start is a start however tiny it may be. Although I figure #FDroid isn't all that appealing to kids anyway

@uniq @fdroidorg

Some good things for kids I've found in F-Droid.

Conversations (for privately talking to family)

I also added nextcloud, Davx5, and one of the calendar programs. But that was more for me to share the calander I have for kids events with kid than anything they like.

I do not help, but I directly ship the smartphone with lineageos and froid/privileged extension ready 🤭.
If acceptable by the user, without Google play services.

@fdroidorg [votes thinking about direct help, excluding years of forums posts, wikis and guides]… [facepalm]

@fdroidorg I'd love to install a CustomROM on my own device, but I don't dare...

@fdroidorg many times ...its the first thing i recommend if someones mentiones he/she uses Android !

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