Do you check for supported/available ROMs before getting a new/refurbished phone?

@fdroidorg I haven't checked it before getting my present handset, but i had came to a decision to check for supported android roms before getting my next handset.

I would love to know what android rom does f-droid team loves to use, & a little why?

@FOSS_Love @fdroidorg Not sure about most of #FDroid team. Some I've seen using lineage. Some of them actually contribute to #CalyxOS. I use because it supports my phone and comes with F-Droid pre-installed. yes it's one of my main consideration when I choose a phone, if it's officially supported by at least lineage os. I have had phone that don't in the past and having a project that support your device and not an individual dev assure that you will have longer term support

last time I didn't, and that taught me a lesson

For a new, no, but I make sure the manufacturer supports their ROM for a long time.
For refurbished, yes.

@fdroidorg I don't personally run a ROM on my main device, mainly due to the fact I have a pixel where stock is enough

Pixels are AS infested with Google spyware as all other stock android Roms.
Maybe Huawei doesn't have google stuff but they will have their own spyware instead.

@juleLe @fdroidorg I just generally don't wanna run a ROM on my main device for fear of bricking and apps not working

@kspatlas @juleLe @fdroidorg bricking is more or less impossible of you choose the correct rom. Most of the times the bootloader is not touched and you can at least boot on to recovery and start from there

@fdroidorg Yes, I only use mobile devices with custom ROMs. Not quite great having Google with system access on-board.

@fdroidorg yes! No google free ROM option? I won't buy that. The manufacturer of my current phone has a google free version of it's stock ROM on their website. You need to register as a "beta tester" on their forum to get it. They also sell replacement parts in case I ever need a new screen or battery. The screw driver needed was shipped with the phone. Can recommend in case anyone is wondering. No sponsored ad, just a happy customer.

@fdroidorg Unfortunately, I was not aware of everything you have to pay attention to when buying a smartphone. I wanted an inexpensive phone with appealing performance. I got that with my Honor 7X. The price is a lot of apps that I do not want. The lack of the possibility to switch to a customer Rom. Getting root rights are almost impossible for me as a DAU. I will be smarter with my next purchase.

@fdroidorg Such surveys are known to be highly biased. In this case, only those people would mostly reply who care about supported ROMs.


I learned my lesson after buying a cheap LG without doing my research, and the only way to get any kind of limited control of it was to use shady one-click-root tools.

For the last two phones I got, I explicitly checked for official LineageOS support in particular, and both served me very well (and continue to do so).

I was thinking about buying used Pixel 4a 5G, but in my country where Google do not officially sell phones even new OnePlus 8T is cheaper.
So i bought 8T and now i reget that as used 6T will have much better custom ROM support and even be more than two times cheaper (i would buy something cool for that money).


I know that's a little late. But this website can help choosing the right device for LineageOS:

@juleLe @fdroidorg
And #grapheneos has nice clear recommendations about what makes sense to purchase to fulfill their targets on privacy and security.
What is currently lacking IMHO is a project (or just some maintainers) focussing on affordable refurb devices which are sustainable/repairable; Even after having flashed quite a number of devices, I am still rather uncomfortable doing so on anything which just costed me beyond 200 euro.

@fdroidorg no, I would not know where to start. I find it quite hard to judge if some ROM is hobby and which ones can be used in production.

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