It's ! Did you know that contributions on GitLab do count as well? And did you know you can contribute to at GitLab? Help us getting things done and get rewarded 🙃 Win-Win 🤗

@genofire see for details on Hacktoberfest. I don't know of a GitLab-specific t-shirt, but while the last years you could only participate via Github, this year you can via GitLab too. You can even register with your GitLab account. And our (F-Droid's) repos are properly labeled for Hacktoberfest participation. So just start your MRs at fdroidclient, fdroiddata, fdroidserver or any of the others (having the label or not 😄).

@genofire Yes, – but that's where the F-Droid code lives.

@fdroidorg I thought FOSS community consensus by now was that Hacktoberfest is a DDoS attack on maintainers and mainly consists of people making nonbeneficial and lazy PRs for the sake of making PRs?
@clacke @fdroidorg yes, but now maintainers can just label them as spam and it won't count. As well, hacktoberfest is opt-in by the maintainer. So I think they've fixed a lot of the rough edges.
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