Hey everyone
I want to publish my app in #fdroid but I read an article in #fdroid website and I realized it use lots of storage! Near 150 Gb!!
So, is this true or can I publish my app more easily!


Hi, @moheb2000 sorry our docs confused you. Sounds like the guide you found is about reproducing our production build environment. That's not required to get your app published on . This might be what you were looking for: f-droid.org/docs/Inclusion_How

The easiest way to get your app included is to open an issue about it here: gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp/issues Our packaging team will take care of the rest. (Might take a while to get picked up though)

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The big reason people like me use Fdroid is because apps from the original Fdroid repo are built and signed by Frdoid. That means you can be sure the app is from that source.

That is why you can also fetch their (big) build environment. You can then build the app yourself, and compare it to the app in the repo.

Apps from other repos, like Bromite, are built by and signed by Bromite. Then you do not have this aussurance that app equals source.

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By using the Fdroid build environment you also help the Fdroid folks.
If you only use your build environment and give the Fdroid folks your source, something might not work.

If you have already built your app with the Fdroid environment, they only need to do one run and put it into their repo.

It is also wise to test your app excactly as you plan to publish it, built by the Fdroid environment. Of course you can develop using your environment.

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