What distribution channels do you rely on, to get all the you need?

@fdroidorg F-droid, community repos and the Play Store (via community Apps like Aurora )

@fdroidorg Foxy Droid with #FDroid, Guardian, #FireFox and @IzzyOnDroid repos. I used to get a few manually via #APKMirror, but haven't in years.

TBH I never really used the Play Store so I don't know what I'm missing, but I'm happy with my F-Droid life.

@fdroidorg fdroid and direct apk download from the app devs (ex. on github)

@fdroidorg F-Droid repo, and I also got a few games from if that counts.

Usually only fdroid but for most recent updates also the direct newpipe repo Form github

@datenschutzratgeber @fdroidorg
/e/ hat mich irgendwie nicht so überzeugt. Apps von irgendeiner seltsamen Cleanapk-Website und Facebook hat besseres Privacy-Ranking als Signal im Store oder so was 🤔

@ares @fdroidorg CleanAPK leitet die Pakete nur weiter, deren Integrität kann mittels Hash überprüft werden:

Die Datenschutz-Bewertung wird anhand der enthaltenen Tracker vorgenommen. Sowohl Signal (trackt nicht) als auch Facebook (trackt, aber braucht keine Dritt-Tracker) weisen keine Tracker auf und werden daher mit 9/10 bewertet.

@fdroidorg mostly F-Droid but Aurora for a few things I don't have another option for

To be exact, F-Droid + community repos + Aurora (still 5 apps).

@fdroidorg As others have already said, need an extra option that combines 2 and 3.
Where possible, always F-droid or a project's own repo first.
I will even accept using a slightly inferior app if it has an F-droid channel and the better app doesn't.
But some things are always going to be critical and (sadly) are only available through the play store, eg banking apps or outlook for employer email. For these we thankfully have MicroG and Aurora.

F-droid + izzysoft repos for most of my app needs. Aurora store for banking apps, etc.

@fdroidorg I relay on PlayStore for one Banking app who was enforced by that bank - so to say: F-Droid provides most things you need for every day! congrats 🎉

F-droid, community repos and the Play Store

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