What's most important for you, when you're getting a new (or refurbished) phone?

@fdroidorg support for alternative OSes is definitely something I will take care for my future phone my actual Nokia 8.1 has no developer community behind it, thanks to HMD blocking booloader unlock…

@Matthieu @fdroidorg for the same reason I'm currently looking at some Xiaomi phones, they quite cheap and have very good community support. My only problem with them comes to ethical responsibility, but on the other hand buying iPhone has the same moral dilemma attached.

@oliver thanks for the link but after that I will end up with a pretty limited phone, there is no lineage support (offcial or not), I guess HMD devices are the way NOT TO go for greater customization !

@Matthieu Hm, that is really annoying. With my 7 Plus, I will probably switch to GrapheneOS soon, which officially supports my device. Unfortunately, the 8.1 is not one of them.
For the sake of long warranty and update runtimes, it will continue to be difficult for me to choose anything other than Nokia or Fairphone in the future. Android's throwaway culture is a big thorn in my side.

@oliver speaking of updates, the Android One was not a lie at all, I was able to get two major OS versions updates less than one year after their release, so it was definitely interesting however, no custom OS so it's half of a win !

BTW I don't know if Android One is still a thing, maybe killed like tens of other Google products 😂

@fdroidorg Lineage OS Support, price, often a good camera, optionally battery and screen should be replaceable without having to pry open glued stuff. At least these are the things I look for in phones I get for other people, I don't use smartphones myself

@waweic Man if I could have Lineage, microg NLP, and Google Pay, we'd be cooking with fire.

@fdroidorg the phone has no capped options and is compatible with #SailfishOS :drake_yes:

Bootloader must be unlock-able and must support LineageOS and be waterproof.

@fdroidorg headphone jack, SD card slot, and user replaceable battery. that and LineageOS

@fdroidorg In descending priority

Can be flashed with non-stock Firmware (getting rid of preinstalled crap, etc.). If it can’t, that’s a no-go.
Advanced Security Features (e.g. fully supported by GrapheneOS)
No fingerprint scanners, etc. that can accidentally be touched (hidden in display; creepy)
Physical off-switches (e.g. baseband), style
User-servicable (battery, SD-slot; It’s ok to require tools for this)
Fairphone-style sourcing is a nice to have

Based on these I currently use a Pixel 4 with GrapheneOS.

@fdroidorg replaceable batteries, expandable storage, and ability to run a custom ROM/GSI image are all pretty equal on my list of things to look out for on a new phone

@fdroidorg granted, i have just ordered a hisense a5 pro cc which has a non-replaceable battery and, due to it being e-paper and therefore requiring the stock firmware to configure the screen, isn't generally worth flashing

but hey, expandable storage, so 1/3

@tempo @fdroidorg Pro tip: replace the screen protector. The original looks like it is good but replacements are even nicer. Also: my screen cracked in first week and the other protector might have prevented that from happening.

@fdroidorg Unlockable and good availability of custom ROMs, along with repairability

Advanced Privacy features, as in, the habitility to replace or change the software, if needed.

@fdroidorg non-shitty software.

I really regret getting an iPhone with my last subscription renew. The OS barely works, looks really shitty and has some weird "features" that seem completely void of logic.

For example:
There is haptic feedback when you use those date selectors or dropdowns in iOS, but turning on haptic feedback for the keyboard is not possible.


I would say

1) a good camera
2) social impact
3) compatibility with several OSes

privacy and environment, used phones with LOS or similar are best.
And with f-droid store! 😇

@fdroidorg What's most important for me is that the phone has to be universal for installing a custom ROM like the Google Pixel. I realize that the Pixel phones are supported for installing several custom ROMS and also A good camera, storage and CPU.

@fdroidorg LineageOS support (or similar) for longer update-support for a more sustainable device overall. Repairability score (like ifixit or similar sites report) also factors in to this decision.

@fdroidorg So called modern "smart" phone suck in every aspect since hardware started doing crappy choices, making good hardware the exception and therefore too expensive… I'd expect many things. And no damn phone (beside experimental stuff) reaches my expectations.

There's no need for 8 cores at 5 GHz CPU with 16 GiB of RAM, and there's no such thing as "good" (enough) camera in small forms factors like phones. But a decent AND user-replaceable battery is mandatory. - 1/4

@fdroidorg And expendable storage (optional, depending on the internal capacity, but still good to have)

As for advanced privacy features, of course, as much as possible, but so called "smart" phones defective by design when it comes to privacy, physical kill switch (easier to operate/slightly bigger than pinephone's) are welcome though - 2/4

@fdroidorg Social and environmental impact too.

Jack earphones output instead of some shitty proprietary
connector or nothing because it has shitty "bluetooth"… even though I don't use phones for serious music listening.

Support for non-android mobile Linuxes.

Decent physical and wired¹ keyboard, à la F(x)Tec (Think Nokia N900 but bigger, big 5" (or a little ore, but smaller than 6") screen), not the small crap like Blackberry/Nokia E series - 3/4


1. Bluetooth sucks in terms or stability, privacy/security and power consuption… LBE still consumes more power than good old wires, AND has lower security. - 4/4

@fdroidorg Privacy. With privacy I would find it okay not-having a camera, the highest resolution, all apps, nice UIs and much more.


Being able to install free OSs on them and that the phone can be fixed part by part by myself.

@fdroidorg Something else (very strange that it is not in the list): free/libre software, with idealistically the full stack (the OS and the the drivers, like Replicant ; but also the bootloader, etc.).

@fdroidorg a good track record of timely OS & security updates; also having an unlockable bootloader

@fdroidorg I have three or four programs that are critical to work. Having those work correctly is top priority. A second priority is to not come with junk pre-installed and to have privacy built-in.

@fdroidorg software support. There needs to be timely security updates as long as the device lasts. Preferably OS version upgrades too.

@fdroidorg Good enough CPU/RAM/Sensors, Bloat, Price, then availability of custom ROMs

@fdroidorg They're pretty much of equal importance to me.

@fdroidorg Accessibility features (Samsung, Google (Pixel), or Apple for best features).

@fdroidorg LineageOS support, physical headphone jack, expandable local storage.

@fdroidorg a community which doesn't put publicly-collected funds towards web hosting for applications that enable hate speech

@fdroidorg to be root - and to be the only one (i.e. not google or samsung)

Easily replaceable spare parts...first of all: the battery

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