Have you seen already? It's an distribution for your PCs! And here's the best part: It comes pre-loaded with and the promise to respect your .

@fdroidorg How long before this nth Android x86 port will be dead?

@fdroidorg @blindscribe Hmm, sounds nice but I already have an Android phone. Why would I want that on my PC to?

@fdroidorg I see Google Play in screenshots, is it really respecting our privacy?

@arkadiusz_wieczorek @fdroidorg
"For users that have an even greater concern about their user data, we also offer Bliss OS builds that are Google Services free, and come with fDroid & microG for a truly secure user experience" :p

Obejrzysz? Ja to bym wolał w drugą stronę, czyli linuks na telefonie, ale to może być zabawne...

Nice!! 😃
> available for just about any Chromebook, Windows/Linux PC or tablet released in the last 4 years

Do they just want to say 64bit or is it something else?

Tried it on an asus eeepc 1001, it did not start. Not that bad since it's very old but already got a 64bit cpu.
Guess 32bit/64bit is not the border mentioned @fdroidorg

@fdroidorg also availible as Foss without gulagservices.... Noice.. I'll give it a shot

@fdroidorg can anyone actually find any downloads to even try this out!

It uses Google'apps, which aren't secure and privacy friendly. Personnaly, I think security of BlissOS is only advertising, nothing else.

@fdroidorg i would like to run it on a virtual machine (virtualBox) first but can't get it running no matter what version i try.

Evtl. Hilft das hier.

Hatte auch Probleme, erst nachdem die Plätze richtig konfiguriert war funkte es. Erwarte dir nicht zu viel von blissOS.


@fdroidorg I have it (BlissOS 11.14 I think) installed on a Dell Inspiron 13-7353. It should work great, but it kind of doesn't. The on screen keyboard is either off all the time or on all the time, it has no relation to whether the laptop is in tablet mode or laptop mode. And I can't even figure out how to change the wallpaper.

I wonder how well this would run on my non-pro Pinebook.
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