A new version of was finally released on :

Due to some internal changes in the app it requires the app to be uninstalled before installing the new version.

@fdroidorg Does "internal changes" mean "lost private key"? :D

@bandie @fdroidorg No, the key is the same.

Something about shared user id of the app changing.

@fdroidorg As it doesn't support Google based push notifications, I wonder how long we need to wait to have it implement a feature similar to Element, that polls for new messages itself, without the need for a push server to begin with. Especially since they are pushing their push notification limits now.

Unfortunately I don't expect it will ever happen. It has been suggested lots and first among the reasons not to do it (battery life being the other big one) is to encourage donations or payed plans for push.

@Trussell @fdroidorg yeah, I don't know. I can see them being pressured to do it as soon as mattermost or another platform offers a similar capability. Element does it and it doesn't affect battery thst much at all.

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