A testing build for arm64 can be found here: cloud.bubu1.eu/s/btFt2a8XRn38Y

Please test and report feedback to the forum thread.

The app shares the appid with the official F-Droid Fennec build but is signed with a different key, so it won't install as an update to any existing version and neither will the future official build install over this version.

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@fdroidorg cc. @nev you might want to try this one, should work with all extensions

@fdroidorg Yay, I was really waiting for this! Probably an unpopular opinion, but I lime the New UI.

@fdroidorg fennec is the old one, right? New one is called "fenix" if I am not mistaken.

@testman @fdroidorg

...and it's also available in F-Droid? Within my Repositories I cannot find something called "Fenix".

@Herbstfreud @fdroidorg no, it is not in F-Droid due to it relying on some non-free stuff.
And I am unable to find any other repo that would provide it's nightly builds, not even rfc2822/fdroid-firefox has it. So I'm left downloading APKs on daily basis.

@testman @Herbstfreud

Did you read the linked forum thread? This is about bringing fenix to f-droid.

@fdroidorg @Herbstfreud After some exploration I saw that it's the Fenix codebase but still uses the codename of it's predecessor. I agree with what archi_dagac is saying in that thread. Or give it a new name. Something that will not be associated with outdated codebase that Mozilla stopped developing.

@fdroidorg downloaded and tested. Everything that I tried worked fine. 👍

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