Apps targeting Android SDK 30 published by F-Droid cannot yet be installed on Android 11. This affects at least FairEmail, Netguard, OpenVPN and a few others.

You might want to hold up upgrading your device to Android 11 for a few weeks if you rely on any of these apps.

As a developer, you might want to hold up upgrading targetSDK to 30 for a bit.

The issue is tracked here, including a workaround for getting your data back from FairEmail in case you already fell into this trap.

@storchp @fdroidorg for OpenTracks, we downgraded to targetSDK 29 with v3.10.0 (to be published on Fdroid).

I know 😉
The question is: is it still necessary?
Two apps I'm responsible for are on that list.

@storchp @fdroidorg releasing an upgrade is the easiest way to fix that.

@storchp @fdroidorg Which apps from the list could be handled by an update by you?

Or should we rebuild and this resign them?

@Bubu @fdroidorg
I can send an update for these two:
Hopefully this evening.


Moving 60+ projects to a different platform and different CI system is very unlikely to happen.

@fdroidorg That is an interesting discussion, although Tor was not my concern. It just does not feel right for a project like F-Droid to depend on an American company like GitLab.

In any case, the issues with Tor at @codeberg are temporary.

@codeberg @fdroidorg Check the link above to the issue at GitLab. Tor users are blocked from GitLab. But apparently not for the same reasons that lead to the lock down at @codeberg

@fdroidorg @luis_de_sousa that's literally the definition of proprietary vendor lock in?

Does not feel right

@fdroidorg should at least move to another GitLab instance. is hosted on Google and uses CloudFlare :(

@codeberg @luis_de_sousa now try porting a crapton of existing GitLab-CI (literally the best CI/CD system you could have with pipelines) configurations to something like Drone

if they'd want to move, they'd rather self-host GitLab CE at this point

But some apps offered at fdroid are already at codeberg. Its a matter of time.

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