We are now approved as an organization on github sponsors: github.com/sponsors/f-droid

We only have mirrors of our repositories on github, but if using github sponsors is a convenient way to donate to projects for you, feel free to use this.

The funds will be contributed to our without any additional fees.

You can also find other options to donate here f-droid.org/donate/


@charly Quoting form f-droid.org/donate

> Liberapay has lower fees but Open Collective allows more flexibility and transparency on how the funds are used. Both platforms allow for recurrent donations which are highly desirable for making F-Droid sustainable.

@fdroidorg @charly
Do you prefer donations via such a service over Bank transfer?

@koyax Currently Liberapay or OpenCollective are easier to deal with for us. You can use bank transfers via liberapay though (and maybe even for opencollective by now?)

I see. That's good to know. I always thought I do you guys a favour if I do a direct bank transfer...

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