First experience with #fdroid is that it's slow, on first startup it stays white while updating package lists, and shows descriptions in 3 languages for me: Dutch, French and English.

That all combined doesn't give the impression of professional and stable apps. There's much room for improvement.

Can't seem to change the app language, and the Dutch translation doesn't seem to be very good on some points

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@sexybiggetje F-Droid is indeed not a professional product but is and always has been an understaffed and underfunded volunteer project. So yes, there is indeed much room for improvement.

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Since I'm using foxy droid now and that still uses f-droid data, I'll be looking in to what I can do to contribute in the near future

@sexybiggetje @fdroidorg one of your point is "fdroid is bad in Dutch". Good news, you can help improve bad translations on :) (individual apps might have a different translation process)

That might be the easiest contribution, thanks for the suggestion

@sexybiggetje @roptat @fdroidorg it looks like the translations for dutch have already been updated? :) Just skimmed through almost all 449 items in weblate, they seem to match what they should be. ^^

@bene @fdroidorg @sexybiggetje @Liberapay liberapay is how I do. but I've always wondered: why the "-Data" suffix?

I've donated some cash already, but when I say contributing I was looking at something more productive on my side. I'll take a look at the translations as well most likely.

@bene @fdroidorg @Liberapay

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