(formerly ) is now published on F-Droid:

This is a new app replacing both and RiotX, it's based on the RiotX codebase.

For once it's live on F-Droid first, before the play store release! 🎉

Hmm, it's a new App and not an update? Also I thought New Vector got renamed to Element, so I'm a little confused with the package name and the developer name in the description

@jeybe The companies legal name is (for now) still New Vector Ltd.
And yes it's a new app.

@philipwhite That would kinda surprise, since they announced the name as shiny and new and with a lot of explanations three days ago. They explicitly said they would rename New Vector to Element. I think they would have mentioned if they were associated to a company which had that name all along. More Infos here:

@maralorn oh, you're right. I must have misread that post originally. I thought what you were saying, but then for some reason I interpreted that post differently. Now that I read it again, I don't know why I thought that.

I installed it, but it keeps crashing on microg version of lineageos 16.0. Others also confirmed its crashing for them as well @bady @kannan

@fdroidorg @matrix
How do I switch from RiotX to Element? Is it just install and login or I have to do something else?

@aldonogueira Install, login, authorize your new #Element client via #RiotX or a desktop client with an active login to restore your encrypted chat history, uninstall RiotX. You can also manually use your encryption key to recovery encrypted messages. @matrix

@fdroidorg mmmh, I cannot find it on F-droid. ..Maybe my android version is too old ?

@fdroidorg is it possible to install element alongside riot and riotx? if yes, i can now use up to three matrix accounts on my smartphone \o/

@guenther haha nice, I had this "multi-account problem" with Mattermost and then used Mattermost and Mattermost Beta on Android. With Matrix I am still with only one account. I am curious, do you use internal Matrix instances that do not federate?

@blipp there are cases where a Matrix account comes with a larger Plattform that has single-sign-on. So even when that server federates, i still have to use it in addition to my usual account.

@blipp @guenther we are using defederated Matrix at my job for #GDPR compliance reasons.

@laufi @guenther That seems to be common then, I also know of a research group or two doing that.

@fdroidorg I know riotIM was not compatiable for my device, while RiotX was, does Element work on all devices?

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