server tools will remove the old .txt metadata file support in the next major release (2.0).

If you are a fdroid repository operator you should migrate to .yml metadata files.

You can do so right now by running:

`fdroid rewritemeta --to yml`

Does this improve app updates availability ? Cause apps updates mostly are very slow provided over your main repository

@Utgardloki not directly but it reduces maintenance cost for the code. You can read about some of the benefits here:

@polychrome @fdroidorg Aren't you like 30+ years late with that? 🤣

(I hope this toot was meant as a joke – if not, apologies from me and a request for clarification)

@polychrome Thanks! Then I've just outed myself as a former multi-line BBS SysOp 🤣

@IzzyOnDroid I couldn't SysOp because my parents wouldn't let me take over a phone line :p

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