Short survey:
Is the app downgrade option in F-Droid working for you (if you tried to use it recently)? Please include on which Android version/custom ROM you are.

@fdroidorg I only tried it once or twice but it never worked for me. I'm using LineageOS-16-microg (chiron)

@bjoern @fdroidorg btw, if you don't mind asking, which popular apps work with microg these days? And which ones don't?

@codewiz @fdroidorg actually I never had a app which didn't worked. Messengers (Signal, Matrix, Conversations, Telegram, Threema...) my banking app, DB (German trains), apps from German newspapers,.... all of them work flawlessly with MicroG

@bjoern @fdroidorg wow, this is amazing. I thought MicroG was still something experimental... I guess I'll give it a try as soon as LineageOS adds support for my device.

@codewiz I've had a similar experience, though I have a few apps that don't work... a game that needs the gaming framework, Google Voice is half crippled, and a few other apps that were easy enough to replace that I don't remember which ones except for my meditation timer. also Signal is running in polling mode on my device. But it works fine.

All that being said, it's overall still not a smooth experience, tinkering is required.
@bjoern @fdroidorg

@fdroidorg I just tested this and it did not work unfortunately using Android 9.

Nope, does not works for me. Lineage 17, Oneplus 6 with privileged extension installed.

Never did, neither on LOS 16 on my Oneplus2 nor on LOS 17.1 on Oneplus 3T. Been using the Privileged Extension on both.

@fdroidorg Tried it once with K9, worked perfectly on a customized Android Nougat.

Which version was that? I'm on 5.6, not sure why. I don't think I had “ignore updates” checked.

@0 @fdroidorg I'm back on 5.6 too, which is the recommended Version. But in F-Droid you can choose several 5.7 Versions manually.

So i actually downgraded to the recommended Version, to be honest. But it worked without any issues.

@fdroidorg just tried on LineageOS 14.1, downgrade failed with error.

@fdroidorg it has worked for menmost of the ~10 times every that I used it.
Samsung, no Priviledged Extension.

@fdroidorg not that I'd need it right now, but how do I find it?

@guntbert expand the version list, click on an older version than the one currently installed. A downgrade button will appear. It's mostly not working on modern roms though it appears.

Tried this recently on android 8, Huawei phone, running stock emui. It failed at first, had to uninstall the app and then install the older version.

@fdroidorg On Android 6.0 I tried to downgrade Telegram and it didn't work. I had to uninstall it and install again the older version. But that might be the app's fault for not using compatible user data between the different versions.

The reason for the downgrade is that ever since upgrading Telegram to v6.0.1-FOSS it kept crashing all the time.

#f-droid #telegram

@fdroidorg Not working ("Unknown Error") on AlienDalvik android compatibility layer for Sailfish OS (comparable to Android 4.4)

I tried it once on Android 8.1 but it didn't work because of an "unknown error"

@fdroidorg not even seen the option, nor a way to list installed apps in Fdroid, maybe due to old Android 6...? Using latest available Fdroid app (that I get offered to install from in Fdroid)

@fdroidorg Nope. Android 9 here. I just tried this morning without any kind of success.

Downgrading has always worked for me on an unrooted stock Android 4.4.2.


Nope, never worked for me from (heavily hacked) #android 4 onwards. Tried with 3–4 apps over the years.

Just tried on a fresh installed app and I get:

Error -25: The new package has an older version code than the currently installed package.

Android 10, Lineage with microG, F-Droid 1.8


Just tried and it didn't work for me on Android 7.0

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