@fdroidorg @Google To be fair, this is for Google's "advanced protection" program, intended for journalists and anyone else who potentially needs "increased security".

If you are one of those types of people, maybe a device loaded with Google software isn't for you.

@fdroidorg for unknown reason, one sentence from link before was read, "Google Play Protect is Google's built-in malware for Android."

>"You can still install non-Play apps through app stores that were pre-installed by the device manufacturer"

Yeah sure my open source apps are unsafe, but the proprietary bloat shipped by chinese phone manufacturers is not

@fdroidorg Guess: not specifically F-droid, but other pirate app stores that e.g. post paid games bundled with something weird for free.

@fdroidorg (Although, if you're activating AP, you probably know that you should avoid those anyway)

Maybe it's time to focus on testing F-Droid in sandbox (ANBox) on real GNU/Linux phones? As I see, it's pretty hard to develop free store on proprietary platform controled by only one player.

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