We now have a mirror in China! 🎉 It
s now publicly available at
The default sync frequency is once a day. They also provide rsync service for secondary mirror site, the rsync URL is rsync://

@fdroidorg how does that work legally? Surely the majority of apps on F-Droid are illegal

@Matter @fdroidorg
Which repositories are you using? Fdroid and its Repository are absolutely legal.

@Matter @fdroidorg The universities in China can have their own mirror site and make it free for public usage.

@Matter @fdroidorg You see, there are also some packages in Debian (or other GNU/Linux distro) are illegal in China, like tor, i2p and so on.

@fdroidorg although I already added the tuna mirror and fdroid really downloads apks from the tuna mirror,the fdroid still shows me updating repositories from the official repo.

@zijamlu @fdroidorg yes, but apps are downloaded from the mirror. btw if you want, you can remove the oringal upstream repo first, and then add the mirrored one.

@fdroidorg I wonder if VPNs are available in that mirror 🤔

@Idiotist @fdroidorg Yes apps are surely available, but vpn itself is blocked.

@Idiotist @fdroidorg think openvpn cilent and shadowsocks cilent. they are available in many linux distribution.

@Idiotist @fdroidorg all proxy tools in fdroid are available in tuna mirror. you need to know that many GNU/Linux distributions’ Chinese mirrors still including proxy tools.

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