New alpha JSON API for tracking F-Droid's building and publishing workflow, looking for ideas on how to use and improve this:

We welcome questions on the forum or on Matrix/IRC.

@fdroidorg Damm you! Now I want to write a Jenkins plugin to track F-droid builds! As if I didn't enough side-projects!

Is it possible to add CORS headers? I would like to load it via JavaScript, but it's forbidden at the moment.

Isn't that a security hole for all WebApps which wan't it's users to be protected by cross origin requests to their API?

@storchp @fdroidorg
It can be, according to this comment from the repo's author.

But it should be noted that bypassing CORS is also doable with a simple browser extension...

Yeah, but just as the extension, the cors-anywhere workaround is supposed to be temporary, until @fdroidorg adds the necessary headers 😋

With those, you can start building something at least 😀


This is nice, but useless if the bottleneck is the signing process which is completely irregular.

Are there any plans for improving on that front? Or make it more regular? I would even align my release process with you.

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