We're looking to map out all technical details for how apps are people, if you have ideas or more info, please submit them to our issue tracker!

@fdroidorg Also, even with geo location off, #UltraSoundCrossDeviceTracking / #uXDT can still track you if you happen to carry a software capable of generating such information (most of the times this is generated by non-free software) or by apps that use the HTML5 "audio" element/tag (since so many apps are just web pages nowadays) with a file whose sound is inaudible to us. See , talk by @mikegerwitz .

@fdroidorg Also, even with client-side autoexecuted #JavaScript (which in most cases doesn't have correct machine-and-human readable markup stating wether it's #FreeSoftware), one can make a keylogger using known #JavaScript libraries/applications and #CSS.

@_microbe101 @fdroidorg Use #GNU #LibreJS to disable only non-free #JavaScript. There are somethings that #JS does that pure #HTML or #CSS don't do, such as real time page updates.

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