Would people be interested in supporting development via Patreon?

Does Patreon accept Debitcards? One of the things I see as a fence is that I need to book money from an account to another one. I would love to see a system where I can buy a debit card at our local supermarket or gas station and simply be able to give projects a few bucks.
B.t.w. it would be awesome if Patreon would not use facebook, google and other trackers to earn more money from visitors. In other words, please think of a system where projects can get money and contributors only pay with money, not with their profile

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Many users are annoyed.
By changing the terms and conditions, Patreon increases the percentage of commission they keep and pocket it as their turnover and profit.

Viele Nutzer sind verärgert.
Durch Veränderung der AGB erhöht Patreon den Anteil der Provision die sie behalten und stecken ihn als ihren Umsatz und Gewinn ein.

@sandro @fdroidorg It's about 10% (my guess based on lite plan and payment fees).
While that's above 0 and Liberapay's financing model is a lot cooler: If people want to give money on there, why not let them?

@fdroidorg don't do patreon please! They are a virus that is attaching themselves to free software in an unhealthy way.

@liaizon @fdroidorg What's wrong about it? Do you have a problem with the general model?

@solarkraft @fdroidorg they are a centralized startup that can pull the plug at any time on your project. they are worse then paypal in that regard because they encourage people to build their livelihood on patreon and offer no path to moving that livelihood off of their centralized hub (and paying a large percentage of your income to them)

@liaizon I see your point, but isn't that an argument for accepting payments in as many different ways as possible? Doesn't that same argument apply to depending on alternatives like #Liberapay and #OpenCollective? Anyone collecting funds solely via #Gratipay was a out of luck when they were driven out of business.
@solarkraft @fdroidorg

@strypey @solarkraft @fdroidorg this is only one of my issues with them. At least all Libre and Open Collective are not profit driven. And they are both open source so at least the ashes of them falling apart would lead to someone being able to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild.

@liaizon @strypey @fdroidorg I'd definetely go with one of those solutions over Patreon - agreed. I'd say they match our (as in: free software maintainers and supporters) values better.

@liaizon folks have exactly the same option of moving elsewhere if Patreon fails them, with all the attendant disruption. The server code being libre doesn't really help users that much. FWIW a bunch of #Patreon code is available on GH, much of it under a range of pushover licences:

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that code you linked to is almost all just knots to tie other platforms into patreons grasp @strypey, doesn't look like any of their server or infrastructure is open...

@liaizon @fdroidorg
From my research the fee is about 10% (lite plan+extra fees). It could of course be lower, but it doesn't seem excessive to me.
Of course they're centralized, proprietary and have a clear profit motive, which is a business model one may not like to support (liberapay is better regarding that) - yet I can't see them as inherently bad.
The financing model they support (and arguably pioneered) I consider very good.

@fdroidorg Nope,it's a centralized and proprietary platforms which embeds tons of trackers.That clearly doesn't match with your values.You already have Liberapay and OpenCollective.They're much better.

Well. After reading the replies, not so sure anymore. Why not promote that open source option you're already on? I had no idea

When I visited the librepay website ublock mentioned it.

@fdroidorg If applications that connect to are removed I would. Please stop supporting racists. Being neutral is not an option.

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