@Pinguinsreisende @fdroidorg
Oh many thanks :-)

I've found youtube vanced to temporarily replace peertube. Now I can remove that strange thing.

Thank goodness. Shit with nonfunction was awful!

Can it be that mirrors where not updated yet? I only get errors about url decoding.

Awesome. I was waiting for this. Thanks a lot.

Just curious: why take it so long for the server to publish the updates? I got many app updates at once and only after few days of weeks delay

@fdroidorg Great, now I have to:
1. Export the database from Newpipe
2. Uninstall the version from GitHub
3. Install the version from F-Droid
4. Reimport the database

@fdroidorg Is there ans way to help make the update process faster? Like help paying for new build Servers or whatever?

@fdroidorg Updating right now! These days whitout Newpipe had been hard

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