We're going to roll out icons for our anti-features soon. Here's a preview, what do you think?

@fdroidorg the dependency icon could be something like a chain, otherwise great

@fdroidorg why not work with exodus privacy to check that out an let people see for themselves what is wrong?

@tursiops @fdroidorg considering most f-droid apps don't have any trackers thats probably not as useful.

@a_cat @tursiops Integration with exodus is planned, but unfortunately nobody had the time to work on it yet:

@fdroidorg Only looking at the icons I had a hard time guessing what any of those mean.

@fdroidorg Very nice and a great idea.

Just the icon for tracking seems a bit hard to 'read'; how about just an eye (?)

@fdroidorg looks great 💜 Its important to emphasise on anti features.

"This app depends on non-free apps" and "This app tracks and reports your activity" icons are not as good as the rest, but as long as you keep the text with them, it should be a cool improvement :)

@fdroidorg Much cooler than pure text used before. Great Job!

@fdroidorg Agree w/ others. Too complicated. My 2ct:
- Outdated: clock w/ exclamation mark
- Sec Bug: simple bug (no lock)
- Ads: [AD!]
- everything unfree: chains
- tracking: simply one eye; or surveillance cam

@fabian @fdroidorg Those icon ideas sound more comprehensible to me.

@fdroidorg i like the idea, but most of the symbols are not really intuitive. :/

@fdroidorg nice idea, but I don't like the icon set at all. They're not very easy to understand…

@fdroidorg The one for "tracks and reports activity" should perhaps be simplified, too many lines make it hard to recognize at a glance. The other ones look good!

@fdroidorg Looking nice.

"Non free assets" somehow reminds me of a movie icon.

Can't figure out what the icon for "depends on non free assets" is supposed to mean...

@leftbit @fdroidorg That's because it is a movie icon. An "asset" is pretty much any file which is part of a piece of software, but is not the code itself. So, for example images/icons, sound files and videos.

@friend @fdroidorg Thanks for explaining.

(I'd have called those files "resources", but perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned... 🙃)

@leftbit @fdroidorg I think, that might be confusing, because a resource may also be a database, for example.

Not like "asset" is really less generic, though. For example, an asset may also be *anything* that a company owns, which would include any databases, too.

@fdroidorg Is the ":C" just a sad face? I would also recommend chains, handcuffs or iron bars in its place.

@friend @fdroidorg

FDroid loves copyleft software. That's why theres a "ↄ" in the logo. The ":c" means that non-free copyrighted material makes the little robot sad.

@uniq @fdroidorg Ah, thanks, that makes more sense. I thought that maybe this is some special notation for non-free that I'm not aware of (nor would the vast majority of users be).

I guess, that works. Even if users don't understand it, they will see an icon that kind of looks like a sad face, so they might avoid it.

Chains, hand cuffs or iron bars might also be quite good, though, because they can explain better than words that this about freedom, not about money.

@fdroidorg NonFreeNet icon would much better fit UpstreamNonFree (rain comes from "up there"). And for NonFreeNet, an icon based on the "two monitors with a cable" (aka "network connection") would be more intuitive. NoSourceSince could have a stylized "404 web page" (though 410 would be more precise). A bug for tracking. Not sure about NonFreeDep.

Not complaining, I like the idea! And non-mentioned icons are fine! 😃

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg I think the cloud is really awesome for NonFreeNet, it carries both bad weather as a metaphor for "non-free" and the cloud for "The Cloud"

@utf8equalsX @fdroidorg OK, with that explanation I understand it. But as it was already said: without the text, would you have guessed it?

Again, I really like the icons. I was just thinking aloud what might be more intuitive.

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Knowing the set of antifeatures F-Droid has I might have been able to assosicate correctly, it's hard to tell.
However I think the "switch" icon (? NonFreeDep) is a particularely unrecognizable one, and the Tracking icon immediately stood out to me as "too complicated". I also think the the "copyright frownie" (:C) is not very recognizable and takes away the whitespace within the icons.

@utf8equalsX @fdroidorg Ah, that's a *switch* – I didn't even get that 🙈 And looking at the Tracking icon a little longer, I know would say it might symbolize the pyramid with the watching eye, but I'm not sure…

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg I think it's a pyramid with a camera, yes, but it doesn't really make sense that it has an eye to the front and a recording thingy to the right.

I really like the one for security vulnerability. Good job!

I am sorry to give negative feedback, but I do not find the icons clear enough.

- Many icons do not convey a meaning without the text
- the :c is a nice idea, but it works against having a clear, easy to detect shape. A icon should be recognized without thinking about the image, so keep them simple
- I guess upstream should be an arrow, but I saw a house
- I have no idea at all, what the "code no longer available" icon should be
- Colors would help to distinguish the icons faster

@fdroidorg But nevertheless thank you for your great work. And adding icons is a good idea, I just think they can still use some work.

@allo @fdroidorg The "code not available" icon (NoSourceSince) looks like a tombstone to me, and I think it represents the project that has "died", which I think is quite the good icon

This makes sense, but it is too round (or too short). To me it looked a bit like a fortune telling ball or something similar. With a cross inside it would probably be more clear.


@allo @fdroidorg it's actually a house.
Like "where it's coming from"


Nonfree network serv:
Plain rainy cloud, no face

Megaphone with three straight soundwave-lines

Nonfree dependencies:
Topology graph, with circle nodes and lines

Just an eye

Nonfree addon:
Add a jigsaw protrusion rightwards too

Excellent.. Please keep what they mean too along with the icons

@fdroidorg @redplanet nice artwork!
only the non free assets is a bit confusing from my point of view! 👌

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