It you have a google account please help with reporting this as harmful and impersonating.

*DO NOT INSTALL* (except if you are a malware researcher 😉)

Fake F-Droid app, please report:

Te metes en la app de Play store y le das a los tres puntos de arriba a la derecha - marcar como inadecuado - suplantación de identidad.

@edmonde @fdroidorg DONE!

I was at the website on my desktop and not on the play app.

@fdroidorg google play requires you to give it a screenshot when reporting so i made this terrible looking thing to fill that spot. anyone else can use it if they need to, since it'll probably help get more reports in as it were

@fdroidorg admittedly probably couldve done a better job with it but i wanted to just get the report quickly done with cos am currently busy with other stuff so aye, apologies for how rough it is but it'll let reports go through at the very least

@fdroidorg you can request its removal, no? the support page for flagging apps says you can request apps for removal if infringes copyrighted or trademarked property

@fdroidorg @kuketzblog

The fake app contains Google and FB ads and TrebleShot engine (to transmit/thieve data?).

Developer of the fake app possibly is related to TrebleShot from f-droid, because there are hard coded links inside to Github and Telegram groups:

@fdroidorg I thought they would ban alternate app stores by default :blobcatthink:

@isi Yes, that's the policy. But a) we don;t know if that app is actually a working appstore (it probably isn't) and b) it's not as if google has a good track record with scanning apps for malware/policy violations.

@fdroidorg yep, as soon as you remove free tusky from your repo

@kyzh @fdroidorg you realise this malware hurts people, not just fdroid's image


re: murder 

re: murder 

@fdroidorg done, reported as a copyright, trademark & logo violation ; )


I'm wondering if that's what happened to me? I had F-Droid on the tablet and the thing became unresponsive and quirky. Removing it seemed to have helped. Should I do a cold factory boot or leave as is?

@retiredguru @fdroidorg google has a policy of not allowing other appstores, so if you got something claiming to be fdroid from google play it most certainly wasn't legit

@snailerotica @fdroidorg

Yeah, good point. Adding an app outside of PlayStore is a lot diff than a whole 'nother app store.


Another reason I find myself unwilling to do much 'serious' computing on my tablet or phone. Android (Google) can't be trusted to maintain security of your device. It truly is a digital marketing slave collar operating system. Thank you, Google. <\sarcasm infinitum>

@fdroidorg seems like it was successfuly suspended, at least for now

@Tilian @fdroidorg @acesabe

It you have the Play Store installed and open the link with that it still shows it. But if you click on "Install" it says "Something went wrong..." and it's gone if you open the link in a browser. I assume it's some kind of cache in the Play Store app.

@flocke @Tilian @fdroidorg no doubt you are right, but personally I'm not going to try to install it to find out!

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