There are some very nice designs for an icon for

We'd love to see more feedback there so we can get one of them approved as the official forum icon.

@fdroidorg ok but why do you let apps that explicitly host hate speech on your platform in direct contravention of things that you've said in the past?

Well. As much as I may agree with you, F-Droid seems only to be concerned with packaging libre apps, at the expense of some other things sometimes. It is not an app store. It is a package manager and repository.

@masterofthetiger @fdroidorg they did pull the Gab app from the repository, so it does not seems like they "only care about software being libre"

Honestly, I'd also be for removing some other apps that are blatant copy and change the icon. Simply because they adds confusion and isn't very productive.

@fdroidorg you should have a design team that takes care of this task. Random feedback may be better than nothing but still is a poor way to come to conclusions.

#design #freesoftware

@mray @fdroidorg Agreed. I also know the free software way is asking everybody for his/her opinion and then come out with a half-assed solution. Stop doing that.

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