has finally been updated to version 3.5.1 on . unfortunately this means you'll have to reinstall the app, if you have used an older version:

@fdroidorg Ah, this explains why the installation keeps failing.
If this is due to a certificate update, could the F-Droid app indicate this and guide one through the reinstall process?

I had no idea why it kept failing before reading your post in my social feed.

@jaller94 it's not a certificate update but some weird internal android shared user I'd thing.
Never seen this before...

@fdroidorg @jaller94 it was A change did in prep for the 4.0 release. Something to do with moving to namespaced storage to allow for seamless migration. Not an android dev so never did fully understand why changing or adding storage location caused updates to not work. For sure less than pleasant ordeal

@fdroidorg not sure if you have been in contact with mobile team. But I know we’d like to do what we can to help get the new app working on f-droid. It will be same app but I think built from different code base

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