100% of the app summaries should now be translatable, either via the
summaries in the Weblate project, or in the apps' own translation
system. That means more people can access these apps, and more screens
will be in their language. We welcome contributors in all languages:

@fdroidorg inside the app, language seems based on location (im in brazil, i get it all in portuguese), not system language (english currently). What would you think of allowing to choose in preferences? ;)

@yorik I ran into that issue recently as well:

The Android #FDroid app seems to pick the app descriptions' languages from your device's language preferences in order of availability. Unfortunately it looks loke doesn't regard English UK as just a variant of English US, so it won't automatically fallback to an available alternative English variant, and instead goes down the list of your other languages.

An app-override language setting would indeed be nice.

@FiXato @fdroidorg wow, pretty acute debugging you did! The solution might be just a simple fix away then.. I'll have a look at the fdroid source code, who knows.. ;)

Ok this is where it all happens I think: I believe that line should be: 'localesToUse.add("en-US");' in order to always add default US english if any other english is found among the available languages.. @fdroidorg seems good to you?

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