@fdroidorg I think you're missing some words, links and hashtags in the last paragraphs.

@fdroidorg Sure:

"Send in your tips via Mastodon! Send them to and remember to tag with . Or use the on the forum."

"you can find us […] on Matrix via or on Telegram."

@fdroidorg Hey nice! but I'm not framapiaf, it's the name of a server 😀 You can cite me as roptat instead (I'm the author of the analysis)


Tusky is free software. Following the block of Gab users by Tusky, someone contacted Richard Stallman who clarified that Tusky is free software.


the fifteen million people who aren't straight white dudes also said Tusky was free software, but it wasn't until your Problematic Fave Wise White Man spoke up that you listened

What a big "fuck you" to the community. Y'all need to look at your misogyny and transmisia, and stop just listening to people because they're out-of-touch white dudes from the 1980s.

@rey I think people inherently misunderstand what "freedom" means. It certainly doesn't mean "Everything must go MY way".

@rey @fdroidorg Yeah, I don't quite understand how one could think software level blocks could violate FOSS principles. You can still fork, still modify source.

The Gabbers are acting like Gerbers.

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