We're trying to continue our TWIF posts this week.

Do you have anything interesting to report that happened roughly in the last week in the F-Droid/Android FOSS ecosystem? Any noteworthy app updates?

Please update faster.
A lot apps get very slow updates in F-DROID store and are released weeks after official release.

@fdroidorg not an app update, but have you seen this:
It's a day-by-day report on localization of fdroid apps I wrote roughly last week; I'm planning to make it a report on free software in general, but I have a tagging system so it's easy to generate graphs only for a specific repo or technology.

Well, yesterday Guardian Project release a new Orbot (working) update.

Also, do not know if it is worth mention it, but in the last 2/3 months Daniel Micay has been working a lot on GrapheneOS which, as you certainly now, is an hardened AOSP fork. I am testing it (with F-Droid since there is no support for Google libraries) and it is really excellent. May be you want to write something about this project.


I think the discussion about tusky and GAB would be a good go, because its about the heart of fdroid

Just wondering if there are any news or possible road map for a ratings/comments/DownloadsNumbers system for apps in F-Droid?
There seems to be quite a bit of discussions on this issue already. Just wondering if the developers are considering it or working on it.
I guess we are now used to seeking comments before making buying decisions, ordering food or downloading apps.
Sometimes the description provided by the app owner is not detailed enough or too technical that new users may not know exactly how the app work, what it does.
Or simply it would be nice to see if see what other users think of the app, if it works well, etc.……

@eddee There are more “organic” venues already existing for that sort of thing: before choosing a piece of software I tend to check their bug tracker to give me an idea of any current major issues, the general vibe around the software, how active it is, what type of dev is behind it, etc., etc. #FDroid also has forums and then there's the internet at large. Copying the star system from the pages of TV magazines was probably OK for those (Google, etc) addressing the - 1/2

@eddee @fdroidorg consumer market. They had a financial incentive to do so. Quality, however, cannot be reduced to a five star widget and it would be a huge disfavour to users (#FDroid's are users, not consumers as in Google's repository). Not to mention the implementation, maintenance and policing effort. @fdroidorg - 2/2

@fdroidorg yes @tutanota released a calendar with their email app & it looks good

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