The website is significantly faster again now
It's now only searching through name and summary of an app (instead of all possible fields).

Please try it out and see if it still finds the apps you expect with the keywords you expect.

@fdroidorg mmh if I search for "Funk" it doesn't find anything, but if I search for "Funktrainer" it does…

@mondstern @fdroidorg yes but I expect from a search for "Funk" to also find subwords

@dadosch That was unfortunately one tradeoff we had to make for now. 😕

Given that the web site search probably is used more by people who don't have F-Droid already installed, I think not being able to search for partial words is a bad trade-off.

@fdroidorg @dadosch @erAck yes prefixes are fixed. But nlp is the second part of several app names.

@fdroidorg no result for parcial app names like adaw or nlp

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