We’ve got responses from people who actually use Fennec on Intel-based devices, so we’ll continue to build it for x86. Thanks everyone!


I have Asus Smartphone with Intel Atom although i dont use it anymore.

I can use it if you want some information

@inditoot not really, see the thread:

> If you use Fennec on an Intel (x86) phone or tablet, please leave a comment. If noone needs x86 version, we’ll drop it.

@fdroidorg I'm pretty shure someone wants to run foss android on desktop though

@fdroidorg yes I use it on an old locked ungoogled geekphone ... :/
but I'll probably drop the phone alltogether soon so, I'm no the one you have to care about ;)

Yes, I use a Asus ZenPad 10 with a Intel Atom, I think a Atom Z3560. But if I heard it right, Mozilla want to end firefox on Android? So, I have to look for another browser, and if its easier for, I can understand it very well if you end the support for x86.
-Thanks anyway for Fennec, on many other device it works very well!

@Balex Maybe Mozilla will change ff for Android with something else

@Balex @fdroidorg To be honest, it will mean to vanish an reliable option for people that use android on intel computers on multiboot.

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