If you are using -android you should update to version 0.8.28a as this is a critical security update.

If you are a user of the homeserver and have received an alert message stating that you should update to a version 0.8.99 from google play you can safely ignore that. This message was only targeted at google play users but accidentally sent to some -Droid users as well.


Desktop version of Riot already reached 1.0 some time ago.

I wonder when will the mobile app reach it?

The developers are currently working on a rewrite (riotx) that should replace riot-android. It looks like a 1.0 won't be released for the current codebase.

@mvgorcum @fdroidorg

Makes sense. The current mobile iteration is very confusing. Non-clear.

I would have switched many people on Riot on mobile if the quality would match the desktop version.

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