F-Droid will soon have stricter requirements for apps showing up in the "Latest" tab in the F-Droid app:

If you are an app developer consider adding good descriptions, screenshots and a "Whats's New" section for your app.

If you notice that your favourite app doesn't fulfill all these requirements consider notifying the app's developers or just help them with a merge request adding the missing info to the source repo.

@fdroidorg @ConnyDuck I think tusky is still missing the "what's new" entry from that list, right?

@Bubu @fdroidorg yes. Do I need to add that in the metadata or where?

@Bubu @fdroidorg ah I see. Whats the limit? Can I put a link to the full changelog in there next time, like I do on Play?

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg the full changelog is already linked from fdroid anyway. I'm not exactly shire about the limit currently.

@fdroidorg Translations as a requirement seems heavy handed, but I hope it improves international accessibility!

@riking It can be just the app name or one line summary being translated, so it should be a very low hurdle to take.

We actually moved lots of app summaries to be translatable from the f-droid side recently:

May you should also rename the button 'latest' then as it is not true.

@fdroidorg we kept whatsnew for a long time in Tutanota (metadata in Triple-T format) but it was never picked up by the server.

@charlag sounds like a bug, did you open an issue about it? Or can you do now?

@fdroidorg I must confess that updates lacking even a one-sentence summary bother me.

@fdroidorg I would be nice if you could review the code responsible for displaying screenshots, because 9/10 times they never seem to download.

@fdroidorg thanks for making this a requirement; firefox's addon updater similarly has a "show release notes" button but there's no requirement that they actually contain anything, and it's infuriating trying to figure out what changed there sometimes

imo, what's needed more than anything is an indicator for apps like Twidere that make unsolicited network connections (especially if they're phoning home constantly). Not asking the user for permission first is probably the biggest indicator of apps made by people who are up to no good.

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