My mom (bless her) tried semi-successfully to start a group text last night with our extended family to discuss a summer gathering.

Someone mentioned GroupMe & I'm thinking if people are up for a new app, I'll suggest Signal or Zom (hat tip: @switchingsocial).

Feels like Signal is a more known entity (esp. regarding security), but Zom looks *incredibly* easy.

Just wondering if anyone has real-world experience with/opinions about either.

@ajroach42 @switchingsocial @mattlaff
Impossible to find Zom on the app store, maybe it's only on the US store. The website is nice, the app looks super friendly (really focused on non geek people).
Signal is a little bit more nerdy, bit it's way easier to use (and understand) than before.
I made switch many non tech-savvy friends to use it.


From Zom's build metadata file ( the latest version requires proprietary dependencies which isn't allowed in F-Droid. Additionally, the goal is to include the original .apk signed by Zom's developers, but so far we weren't able to reproduce their .apk.

Help on bringing Zom into F-Droid is highly appreciated!

CC: @thoughtcrime @switchingsocial @mattlaff @skynebula @ajroach42

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