In bed, too early to sleep so decide to watch a film. Too lazy to go fetch my laptop.

So I use #ConnectBot to open an #SSH session on the laptop and run #kdeconnect's kdeconnect-cli -d xxxxx --share file:///path/to/that/film.mp4

And watch the film on #VLC on me phone.

If I hadn't been on the same #LAN I would have copied the file into my #Nextcloud directory and synchronised from there.

All the apps mentioned available on @fdroidorg.

Service Toot for people without command line fetish:

#VLC for #Android has built in support for: #FTP, #FTPS, #SFTP, #SMB and #NFSโ€‹

In this case using VLCs SFTP support to access to your files over SSH would have totally sufficed.

@61 @fdroidorg


You are of course absolutely correct!

What I hadn't noticed is that recent versions of #VLC for Android even allow you to browse the remote host via #SFTP. ๐Ÿ‘


@61 @uniq @fdroidorg too bad VLC on F-Droid isn't updated regularly, last update is 6 months old.


@RyuKurisu @61 @uniq ...which is the same as on playstore?

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VLC for Android

Version 3.0.13 on Play store

Version 3.0.13 on Fdroid

@fdroidorg @uniq @61 @RyuKurisu

@noorul @fdroidorg @61 @uniq I assumed that it would be updated more often. Guess I was wrong ๐Ÿ™ƒ

@RyuKurisu @noorul @fdroidorg @61 @uniq Wait, It isn't in the repos last time I checked?!?

Gotta look it up again...

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