0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

I suggest NewPipe should have push messages. Messages like this should be communicated to users directly via app.

@fdroidorg Question: Why does F-Droid not have an "all installed apps"-area any more? It is very inconvenient on several occasions. Finding this app took a longer time, because I had to look for it in the list of all available apps instead of the installed apps.

Ja, das gibt es... Aber ich denke auch, das sollte offensichtlicher erreichbar sein...
@reticuleena @fdroidorg

@Haydar @fdroidorg Aah Danke! Auf die Idee muss man erst mal kommen, das in den Einstellungen zu suchen. Und ich Dummerchen dachte, in den Einstellungen stellt man ein, wie sich der genutzte Dienst verhalten soll.

I share your concern (of this menu behing hidden) but it's still here!

Settings -> 2nd option is "Manage installed apps".
Why is "about" the first option ? Why is this hidden here? I don't have an answer.

Thanks to letting us know!

@Zykino @fdroidorg Thanks. I found it now. And I realised, that I had found it before but forgot again, because it is kinda stupid to hide this list within the settings. Settings are the place where I tell the app how to behave. A list of all installed apps ist basic function of an app-store, not part of the settings.

@Zykino @fdroidorg Still. Thanks for F-Droid to all those who spend their time and energy on it. I advertise it frequently. <3

Ansonsten kann man die neue Version auch bei Github runterladen und installieren.
Backup der Abos ist dann aber auf jeden Fall Pflicht :mastowink:

@fdroidorg Is there anyway to downgrade apps on Fdroid without uninstalling the app (thus deleting the data).

@sneakypete Is that something Android apps are generally written to be able to do? I suspect it's not there because they're not.


Is there a problem with #FDroid repositories? Since yesterday I'm getting "Error getting index file" messages each time I try to update my repositories...

@fdroidorg Is there any way to see which apps are in the building pile and which ones are already building?

@fdroidorg this is for 3 days ago and it's not in my repos after updating. Is there any delay or may I do something? (maybe it's just my configuration)

They announced in a recent toot that Google changed their SDK license so they are reviewing everthig. This may take some time.

They also asked for help in creating SDK binaries that are independent from Google. (Some work is being done but if you can help…)

@fdroidorg I thought something fishy was up... Thanks for the heads up!

@fdroidorg I've been reading about it on the #Newpipe blog. I'm glad that it will be available in a day or two. Thanks

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