is now called , read more about this here:

You'll find it under the new name in with the next update.

Hi there, so will we receive the new app as an update or do we have to uninstall davdroid in order to get DAVx5?

@fdroidorg this is the worst name change ever 😂. Copyright needs reform 🤔

@fdroidorg Do you know why they think that it might be a trademark violation? Did Google contact them about this?

@mimi89999 @fdroidorg Droid in the name cannot be a copyright violation.



This is not about copyright, it's about trademarks.

@uniq It cannot be a trademark violation, too. Also Google should be glad, that there is a good dav imementation, as they did not get it to integrate dav in their os. And how many apps out there have droid in their name? But did something happen about the name, or is it an act of caution?


Love the 5 core values represented by the x⁵ though:


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