#Mastalab reached the top 10 in Google PlayTrending (France) for social apps.
I guess some people left Twitter and Tumblr.
Welcome on #Mastodon, a network without tracking.

Now they just need to go one step further and use @fdroidorg 😉

By the way, does fdroid publish stats? It can be a great motivation tool for developers to know how many people use their work


No we don't publish stats (nor keep them internally -- we don't track you!)

If you want to help implement some cool and ethical alternatives, check out:

- f-droid.org/wiki/page/App_rati
- gitlab.com/NicoAlt/fdroidpub


Great projects! I don't have the skills to participate (I'm a sysadmin, not a developer), but I'm glad to know you've taken initiatives on that matter.

@fdroidorg Publishing (and keeping) stats and tracking users may be unrelated. Moreover, not having stats is #FDroid deficiency, and not an advantage. More details - in this discussion: forum.f-droid.org/t/does-f-dro
@ScriptFanix @tom79

@AndStatus @fdroidorg
I don't understand why the number of downloads will help for the development. I think it can deserve young apps. People might prefer use apps with more downloads.

@tom79 This is why I provided the link to the quite long already discussion :-) forum.f-droid.org/t/does-f-dro
In short, it's not only about number of downloads...

@tom79 I just noticed: this Conversation started with your screenshot, containing *stats* from Google Play. That stats are obviously make you, the Developer, proud of yourself, it generates positive feedback from your users... and that "trending" stats don"t require "tracking users", this is just clever anonymous algorithm.
Why #FDroid cannot have similar or maybe even better statistics, so we could refer to _it_ instead of to Google Play?

@fdroidorg @ScriptFanix @tom79

Well you can download the alternative client G-Droid from the F-Droid repo. Is has ratings, and since they are free from user interaction they have no privacy issues and are free of spam.

Here is a link to the project page: gitlab.com/gdroid/gdroidclient

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