Do you have experience with ? Then we need your help!

We want to package as to make it easier for people to install. We already have a running flatpak and are only missing the final bits. Any help is highly appreciated!

See "Packaging Repomaker as Flatpak" for more information:

@succfemboi If someone contributes support for it, sure!

So far, we decided to focus on for desktop, for servers, debs and for to catch as many people as possible with least effort required.

If someone adds support for , we would highly appreciate this, too!

@fdroidorg I’m not an expert in Flatpak but I did write a little script to automate the publishing on my Gnomit app, in case it helps:

@fdroidorg What about : "NOPE" 😂
Flatpak is a crazy and dangerous techno…

@fdroidorg With this kind of techno, you become the maintainer of all your dependencies. Here, Python, Django, PyQt… You don't want that, at least because of security releases (you’re not python/django/pyqt expert) and time consumption (any time one dependency changes, you have to release a new flatpak image).

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