@fdroidorg > entumovil
> A company in Cuba
> Portuguese

I dunno, I want to trust this study but this is a really bad start

@espectalll @fdroidorg I did a quick search and found the developer is portuguese, is that a problem or...? I'm confused as to why this is a bad start.

@ella_kane @fdroidorg Even if that's true (which I don't know) it's still a mistake (it talks about the language of the store) and I don't know if it's a simple "typo" or a basic research mistake

@espectalll @fdroidorg I did see images from the store on both portuguese and spanish, so maybe they went with portuguese first? I dunno.

@fdroidorg I should make the experiment and submit an app containing malware to RFP or as a data MR and check if it will be accepted and built.

@fdroidorg oh cool now I can just link this paper every time someone asks me why I can't just install app X

@fdroidorg "We did not collect all apps in every market. Instead, we sampled top-ranked apps in each market."

"zero" is a bit too soon to say

@b3yond @fdroidorg at least it says that all other repo contain spywares which already verry crappy... 😯

Google play store is full of apps with spywares too though. But the ones choosen by developpers.


Tried it the naive way : gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/m

I haven't built it myself. Does the build server will try and report error ?

@tuxicoman Thanks. Commented there, solved a bit differently. But thanks for caring!

If you notice this being outdated again, please submit another MR! :-)

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