@fdroidorg Oh, so cool ! Thank you, F-Droid team. I posted this : framapiaf.org/@Aznorth/1007136 30 seconds ago, before seeing your toot. ^^

@fdroidorg thank you so much!

thos few days without #newpipe made me realise that it is the best app in the world and i dont wanna miss it anymore!

@steko @fdroidorg Unfortunately i get this message opening whatever video. "Could not decrypt video-URL-signature". Downloaded Newpipe today.

@eric @fdroidorg your version is old however, the error message shows 0.13.7 but the working version is 0.14.1. What is your Android version? I believe the required Android version was increased

@steko @fdroidorg
Android 8.0 here. Ah, I see the F-Droid app itself only offers up to 0.13.7, but apparently I should download the 0.14.1 apk from the website.

@eric @fdroidorg strange, I see version 0.14.1 as the latest version (and I think it works for most users judging from the reactions to the first toot..) :thaenkin: :thaenkin:

@steko @fdroidorg On my Samsung tablet with Android 7.0 F-Droid shows the latest version of NewPipe. Wonder if it has to do with my phone model Sony Xperia X Compact.

@steko @fdroidorg Skytube same story, 2.90 on the Android 8.0 Xperia X Compact, 2.91 on the Android 7.0 Gallaxy Tab S2.

@steko @fdroidorg
Settings > Repositories, switched F-Droid off and back on, switched F-Droid archive on and back off. Now it shows the new versions. Should not have made a difference 🤔

@eric @steko @fdroidorg same here: Android 7.1.2 (official ROM) but even then, I got no notification of the new version 🤔

@eric @fdroidorg that's what I was talking about, until I did what you said I got no updates of these apps (and even when they were in F-droid, I got no notification)

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