Nextcloud Talk 2.0 integrating chat support is now live on .


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what needs to be installed on #nextcloud server to make it work? is there any tutorial for the stun & turn servers that are maybe required to use it behind NAT or mobile internet connection?

@tuxicoman @fdroidorg @nextcloud You just need a up-to-date Nextcloud server with the Talk app installed. A stun server is already pre -configured but you can replace it with your own, if you wish. For the turn server you either have to run your own of find a provider. Personally, I run coturn on my server, the setup is straight forward:

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Thanks. Done it.

I got this from @katarpilar too.

Unfortunately I still don't get it. when I subscribe from android app (2.0) after the account registration & "redirecting" screen I'm stuck on this screen :

Turn and stun is only used for webrtc, if you do a actual call. Starting the app, browse your contacts and doing a chat should always work. I would suggest to open a issue at the Android Talk repository( or ask at

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Is it true, there is no notification in the #F-Droid version of #Nextcloud #Talk? I just tried the app with two different devices and sadly I don't understand the benefit of a phone app that won't ring.
#Conversations does work without #Google services, perhaps their solution is worth a peek...

@fly_it @fdroidorg @nextcloud afaik Conversations does some kind of polling. That's OK for text messages, if you get the notification 1min or 20sec later it is still fine. But if you phone starts to ring 20sec after someone tried to call you it is already to late. That's why it only works with push notifications. We tried to integrate the microG client libs but it didn't worked. Using the microG service with the google-libs work just fine. But we can't distribute it this way on f-droid.

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#Conversations does this by applying XEP-0357 as part of the XMPP protocoll, so the messages really appear instantly in a very battery friendly manner. There is no need to wait 20sec to get your text.
But I assume you get my point: Where is the benefit of replacing #Google services by an own server, when the corresponding app needs Google services?

XEP-0357 implements push notification and explicitly says: "The push service ferries notifications from the App Server to the User Agent. How it does so is often proprietary and vendor/platform dependent." Because it also uses Googles or Apples push service. That's also the reason why it isn't activated in the fdroid version of Conversations.

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You can use on the OS site microG, a Free Software implementation of the google-services. It works great, I tested it. But on the app level you still need the google libs because the microG client libs are not ready yet. We monitor it, and other activities who work on alternatives and provide a solution as soon as it exists.

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