Less than a day before the next submission deadline! A whopping 68 apps were updated on so far. Way too many to include all of them, so please tell us which updates are important, and why.

The new index is in at . This will probably be the last index update before the deadline.

Also thanks again to @rudloff who is responsible for most of the 12 new apps, with more in the pipeline, and even more being added as I type this!

@dglbr It depends on Telegram Devs releasing their updated source code though. 😕

@fdroidorg yah i understand. For now i have been used fdroid and yalp store, when I installed telegram then take update on yalp, it returns to me a update on telegram, because it I asked about telegram update.

I'm trying to use just fdroid, reaseach alternatives that only works with google account on yalp, like protonmail.

@fdroidorg, take it..

Some APP react this way, so it's hard to jump on fdroid and lost updates about this apps.

:gargamel: :oh_no_bubble:

Hard to tell this time. KeePass because of keeping password safe and Mastalab for making Mastodon experience even better than before 😉

@fdroidorg @rudloff Privacy Browser is important! More people has to know about it!

@fdroidorg @rudloff it also has a Privacy Browser Guide which includes a lot of useful info

@jaan_paul @fdroidorg

I'd like to know about it! Is it a wrapper around the built-in web engine?

@joel @fdroidorg it depends on a #webview, which is good because the app isn't so big, but it enforces some limitations on what Privacy Browser can control, the Guide within the app said in the future they'll switch to a custom webview called "Privacy Webview"

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